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"We have been working with Gour Soft Indore over the past six months to develop our hospitals leading eCommerce & management application. Their vision, dedication and quality development staff have provided us everything we needed to successfully maximize our development project thru 100% outsourcing."
Sparsh Multispeciality Hospital, Bhilai

Hospital Information & Management System

HIMS is a core package which adresses all the major functional area of hospitals. The HIMS developed by us is Powerful, Flexible and Easy to use and has been designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics.

HIMS is designed for multi specialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes.

It's Modules are:

OPD Front Desk
  • -Patient Scheduling
  • -Patient Registration( Common for IPD & OPD)
  • -Consultancy Fee Collection
  • -Investigation Billing
  • -Executive Health Checkup and other OPD Package/Procedure    Management
IPD Front Desk
  • -Patient Scheduling
  • -Patient Registration( Common for IPD & OPD)
  • -Admission
  • -Bed Management
  • -Extra Room allotment to attendants
Nursing Station [Wards /ICU(s)]
  • -Nursing/Other Hospital Service Management (like Oxygen, Ventilator, RBS by Glucometer etc.)
  • -Request for Investigation to Pathology/Radiology/Cardiology etc
  • -Request for Prescription to Pharmacy shop
  • -Patient’s Examination and Vital data Entry
  • -Doctor’s Visit detail
  • -Consumable item detail
  • -Blood Transfusion Detail
  • -Discharge Summary
  • -Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology & Procedure
  • -Sample collection (Barcode generation according to the Container defined in the Master)
  • -Result entry and Reporting
  • -Digital x-Ray Image Interfacing
  • -Interfacing with Pathology Machines
Operation Theatre
  • -OT Scheduling
  • -Preoperative Preparation Detail
  • -Operation Detail
  • -Surgery Team Detail
  • -Nursing/Other Hospital Service Management (like Oxygen, Ventilator)
  • -Blood Transfusion Detail
  • -Implant Detail
  • -OT Consumable Detail
  • -Postoperative Detail
Clinical Records
  • -Doctor’s Examination Form
  • -Patient History
  • -Patient Profile & Vital Data Entry Form
  • -EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  • -IPD Advance Payment Collection and Refund
  • -IPD Final Bill amount Collection
  • -Note Denomination provision
  • -Other miscellaneous charge Collection
  • -Generate Discharge Intimation Slip
Advanced Management
  • -Detail of Patient’s Expenses and Advances
  • -Provisional Bill (if requested by patient)
  • -Request to Patient for Advance
IPD Billing
  • -Billing according to the Group (like CGHS, ECHS, TPA etc.)
IPD/OPD Due Management
  • -Due Management of Insurance Sectors
  • -Due Management of Patients
  • -Due Management of Empanelled Companies
  • -Due Management of Govt. Sectors
  • -Due management of Hospital Staff
Doctor’s Accounting
  • -OPD
  • -Consultancy Charges
  • -IPD Visits Charges
  • -Surgery Charges
  • -USG Procedures Charges
  • -Referral Charges etc
  • -Purchase
  • -Challan Entry
  • -Purchase Invoice Entry
  • -Purchase Return (through Challan/Invoice)
  • -Sale to Out/In Patients
  • -Sale Return from Out/In Patients
  • -Due Management for Out Patients, In Patients
  • -TPA, ECHS, CGHS,Staff etc.
  • -Expiry Management
  • -Breakage & Loss Detail
  • -Pharmacy Reports:
  •   -Daily Sale Statement
  •   -Supplier Wise Purchase Detail
  •   -Product Wise Purchase Detail
  •   -Stock Register
  •   -Stock Valuation
  •   -Sale Book etc
Inventory Management
  • -Material
  • -Indent
  • -Indent Approval
  • -Material Issue Detail
  • -Pending Indent Detail
  • -Quotation
  • -Comparative Study of Submitted Quotations
  • -Purchase Order
  • -Purchase Order Approval
  • -Local Purchase Order
  • -Material Receipt
  • -Material Receipt Notes (With/Without PO)
  • -Material’s Quality Testing
  • -Purchase Return
  • -Breakage and Loss Entry
  • -Reorder and Minimum Level Management
  • -Linen Management
  • -CSSD
  • -Gate Pass
  • -Item Transformation
  • -Material Consumption Detail (for Consumable Items)
Equipment Maintenance
  • -Equipment Detail (Insurance Detail, Location detail & Loan Detail)
  • -Equipment Maintenance (Vendor Information, Service Engg. Information, AMC/CMC Information)
HR & Pay Roll Module
  • -Employee Registration
  • -Employee Attendance (Interfacing with Attendance Machine)
  • -Leave Management
  • -Loan and Advance Management
  • -Overtime Management
  • -Increment Detail
  • -Allowances and Deduction Management
  • -Pay Slip Generation
Administration Module
  • -User Rights
  • -History Forms (History of entries done by different users)
Accounting Module
  • -Interfacing with Tally Software
MIS Reports
  • -Revenue by
  • -IPD Billing
  • -Revenue by Department like Ortho, Cardiac, Gynaec, Neuro etc
  • -Revenue by Groups like CGHS, ECHS etc
  • -Revenue by IPD Primary Doctor
  • -IPD Bill Statement i.e. Bill Summary
  • -Revenue by IPD Packages
  • -Revenue by Implants
  • -Revenue by Misc. Services
  • -Revenue by Consumables
  • -Revenue by OT Consumable
  • -Average Stay of Patient (Doctor wise)
  • -Total Admitted Patient (Bed occupancy)
  • -OPD/IPD Due & Recovery As on Date or on Bill Date
  • -OPD/IPD Group wise Due & Recovery
  • -Service Rate List of different Groups   ( Department and Ward category wise)
  • -Registered Patient List
  • -Admitted Patient List
  • -IPD requested Advance
  • -Doctor wise Patient List
  • -User wise OPD Collection
  • -OPD Consultancy Fee Collection (Doctor wise)
  • -OPD Refund Statement
  • -OPD Discount Statement
  • -OPD Credit Card Amount Received summary
  • -User wise IPD/OPD Cash Summary
  • -Misc. Amount Received Summary
  • -Investigation Detail Report
  • -Admission till Date time
  • -Revenue by Room Rent
  • -Cancel Bill/Receipt Summary etc…
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